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eVisit Analyst 8 is a full-featured analytics reporting suite that you can use on your website while complying with the EU cookie directive. Our cookie-free tag enables you to continue reporting accurately on all metrics.

eVisit Analyst 8 also comes with free helpful support and advice via email and telephone from our support team, as well as assistance with integration and setup. Read on for some of the key features and benefits of using eVisit Analyst 8.



Monitor web traffic in real time

There is no substitute for live data from your website. eVisit Analyst 8 live reporting shows you what is going on with your website, campaigns, key data and visitors live, in real time and as it happens.



See multiple metrics in one place

eVisit Analyst features in-depth multi-column reporting, including ecommerce transactions and revenue. Many of our reports are re-orderable - simply click the column header to choose which metric to order the report by. Report filters are another useful feature which can be applied to reports for more specific criteria about visitors or behaviour.



Compare daily trends

Easily accessible breakdowns to compare with overall trends in graph form. Clicking graph icons next to report rows adds an extra daily line graph below the summary graph. Daily, weekly and monthly summary emails can also be set up to send automatically to chosen recipients.



Social media tracking

Monitor the impact of your activity on twitter, facebook and URL shortening services such as and improve conversions and marketing campaign performance.



Filter your data for detailed analysis

Report filters are a useful feature which can be applied to reports for insights into more specific criteria. For example, you can specify pages/directories to include/exclude in a report; you can also filter upon Bounce Rates above/below a chosen level, amongst other options.



Advanced campaign management to track your marketing spend

Extensive campaign tracking - track PPC and email marketing campaigns to assess the effectiveness of your marketing spend, and to focus on the best-performing sources and keywords relating to your site conversions. Traffic from Google Adwords campaigns is automatically detected and identified.



Monitor any goal on your site with Key Data

Key Data enables tracking of virtually any activity on your website including searches, form submissions and downloads. The reports show the results of Key Data collected, with corresponding visit information, including bounce rates and conversions.



Analyse goals and process completion with funnels

Customisable funnels allow you to define a process such as a purchase, email signup or site registration and see how many visitors complete the process or drop out at each step. A funnel report is designed to track a pre-determined online process and is typically used to identify the conversion rate of a purchase or application. Funnels are also available on live data with myLiveDashboard. There is no limit to the number of funnels and steps within a funnel that can be added to the system.



Source reporting

Track visitors to your site from a wide range of referring sources - organic and PPC keywords from search engines, email campaigns, PPC campaigns, social media, etc.



Path Viewer

Follow visitor paths through your site - available by entry page, referrer and keywords. Use the Path Viewer information to see when a visitor hits your site, which pages they have viewed and exactly where they came from, as well as any events they have triggered.



Device reporting

Analyse which devices visitors are using to view your website - e.g. mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.



Easy to use interface

Choose one of the preset date range options for ease of selection and comparison, or a custom date range selected by you. Top 10 results are shown by default on most reports but this can be altered using the dropdown to display more results. Reports can also easily be exported, emailed or printed using the links below the menu.



Summary trend reporting

View trends in your website activity across a wide range of metrics such as Requests, Visits, Bounce Rates and Conversions by Day, Week, Month and Year.



Detailed ecommerce reporting

Monitor your online retail presence with extensive ecommerce reporting on Transactions and Revenues, which are attributed to their sources, such as referrers, campaigns, search or direct traffic. This information can help you to improve return on investment and guide your online marketing strategy.



Multiple metrics across global traffic

Map reports show the most active countries via a variety of metrics - reports are re-orderable by clicking column headers on the report tables. This also displays the selected metric on the world map, e.g., bounce rates, visit lengths and revenue.



Easy integration and set up

eVisit Analyst 8 uses a JavaScript tag to collect data, this is easy to obtain from the system and simple to add to your website's pages. The cookie-free version of the tag still collects all of the same data as tags that use cookies so you won't lose reporting accuracy while still complying with the ICO guidelines about the EU cookie directive.



Page performance reporting

eVisit Analyst 8's Page performance report gives you a useful breakdown of all the referrals to each page on your site, and shows exactly where they went next on your site, or if the visitor left.



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